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About Us

Launched in the year 2015 in Vietnam (Hanoi).
We are a leading manufacturer of lipstick under the brand name of Hainahe, after the huge success of our product line in Philippines, Thailand and other parts of the world we are now proud to launch in India.

Our lipstick formula defines and accentuates your lips with a variety of hues which includes Matte and Shimmer shades, it’s free of any harmful chemicals so your lips are safe. The shades are suitable for all skin tones and provide even coverage and smudge free look for up to 8 hours.

About Lipsticks

There are heated waxes which are included in the blend of quality texture for producing lipstick. Oils and lanolin are included in particular formula supplies. Subsequently, the hot liquid is decanted on a metal mold. The combination will be left to cool off. After it has become solid, it will be heated in flame for some seconds to generate a glossy texture and to eliminate defectiveness.

Lipstick comprises of oils, wax, emollients, and antioxidants. Lipsticks can be produced from many waxes such as ozokerite, beeswax, and candelilla wax. Carnauba wax has a high melting point, and it’s a key element used for strengthening the lipstick. Numerous fats and oils, such as mineral oil, olive oil, lanolin, petrolatum and cocoa butter are also used in producing lipsticks.

How to Use Lipstick

1. Remove the layers of your lips

This will assist in eliminating any unwanted skin cells. Using lipstick will also help your lips becomes soft. You can remove the layers of your lips by moderately scrubbing them with a toothbrush or rubbing them with a moist cloth.

2. Massage Your Lips with Lip Balm:

Open the lip balm and brush the stick through the upper and bottom lip. Doing this will not only help to unstiffen your lips, but it will also help the lipstick and lip layer become flatter.

3. You can Fill Your Lips with Foundation:

This will help to bring out the normal colour of the lipstick. You can make use of the same colour that you use on the rest of your face, and smear it with a cosmetics sponge. Ensure that you’re smiling doing this process since it will help to fill in all cracks.

4. Select your lip liner:

Lip liner is essential because it provides the lipstick ability to grasp things and makes it last longer. It also assists the lipstick to be more evenly. If you want to use a bold colour lipstick, select a lip liner that is dimmer than the lipstick colour. This will assist to deepen the colour of the lipstick and make it denser

5.Choosing Appropriate Colours

• Consider selecting a lipstick colour which compliments your skin complexion. You’ll be delighted by the results of your lipstick application.

• You can begin the lipstick application from the middle part of your lips and brush the lipstick outward, filling in all the cracks. You may decide to apply the lipstick directly from the tube for better accuracy.

• After the first application, you can proceed with the second coat. The initial one serves as a foundation; the second coat will provide an everlasting and more passionate colour.

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